Baseus Blade2, an Ultra-Thin 65W Laptop Power Bank that revolutionizes portable charging

With intelligent features, and the capability of charging up to two devices at once, the Baseus Blade2 is the ideal portable charging solution for laptops

Product Specs

  • Capacity: 12000mAh
  • Max Output: 65W By USB-C Port
  • Max Input: 60W By USB-C Port
  • C1+C2 Output: 45W+20W
  • Input Ports: 2*USB-C
  • Output Ports: 2*USB-C

Baseus Technology, a global consumer electronics brand, has announced the launch of its innovative new product, the Baseus Blade2 Ultra-Thin Laptop Power Bank. Recently showcased at CES 2024, this sleek and advanced power bank represents a new era of portable battery intelligence technology. Both lightweight, compact and powerful, the Blade2 is a very convenient product to carry around and power up devices on the go.

The Blade2 Ultra-Thin Laptop Power Bank stands out with its impressively flat and weightless design, weighing approximately 11 ounces. Its sleek dimensions of approximately 0.4” thickness, and just 0.3” at its thinnest point, make it effortlessly portable, easily slipping into computer bags without occupying much space. This convenient new portable power bank from Baseus provides recharging capabilities anywhere, without the hassle.

Despite its thin dimensions, the Blade2 boasts huge power density packed into its small form factor body, with an impressive 12000mAh Polymer Lithium battery. Utilizing EV-grade Silicon Carbon Anode battery technology, it boasts over 20,000 recharging cycles for long-lasting performance, extended battery life, and heightened safety.

With the Blade2’s 65W fast charging output, it provides a solution for laptops and other devices alike. Supporting a PD60W self-charging input too, it provides real-time visibility of the device’s charging status through a custom digital display interface powered by BDIP digital power technology.

Another standout feature is the Baseus Intelligent Control App, which enables seamless real-time monitoring, personalized settings, and invaluable charging insights on the go so that users can tailor their charging experience as they wish.

The Baseus Blade2 Ultra-Thin 65W Laptop Power Bank can now be found on Amazon, and the Baseus website  priced at $99.99 RRP. For the launch day promotion, it’s currently discounted to $69.99. – promotions available 8th March – 25th March using code: 30OFFBLADE

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