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Change Log: Version 1.94

The Bitfinex Change Log is an overview of all performance and UI changes made to the Bitfinex trading platform. For an overview of all previous changes, please refer to

Version 1.94


  • Updated the Spread Ladder to disable the “Clear” button if the amount value is already set to the default value
  • Updated to add the Bitfinex mobile app Android APK file direct download option on the homepage and the mobile app info page


  • Updated to display BTC feed results for the SAT/BIT token tab within Bitfinex Pulse 
  • Updated the warning message for Turkish customers in movements for invalid TCKN before redirecting to the verification page to update it 
  • Updated to add a cookie preferences tool link in the Bitfinex Securities footer
  • Updated translations for the withdrawals’ Travel Rule and translations in account info 
  • Updated the Bitcoin Halving page to add more information 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Paper trading balances equivalent toggle
  • Fixed the issue of social media icons not being fully visible on small screens
  • Fixed the main ticker 24 hour change SAT mode support
  • Fixed the Spread Ladder unit minus sign and the order amount in SAT mode
  • Fixed to make Derivative* tickers’ empty UI consistent with other tabs
  • Fixed the orders table group selection
  • Fixed wallet transfer loading state
  • Fixed the liquidations widget column sorting 
  • Fixed the issue with withdrawal details not being wrapped.

*The derivatives platform is provided by iFinex Financial Technologies Limited. References to Bitfinex Derivatives in this post are references to iFinex Financial Technologies Limited. The Bitfinex APIs are designed to allow complete access to the features provided by Bitfinex. Learn more about our API documentation here.  

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