Galaxy S24 FE Launch May Be Delayed, But It Might Be Worth It

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 FE (review) is a cheaper entry to the flagship Galaxy S24 series, and which was launched at the end of 2023. A recent rumor indicated its successor could arrive in July or August this year, but a new report seems to suggest of a more plausible launch window for the Galaxy S24 FE.

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE new launch date

According to Dutch publication Galaxy Club, the Galaxy S24 FE is already in the works at Samsung. It added that the device carries a codename of R12 within the company, which aligns with how the Galaxy S23 FE was internally identified as R11 and the cancelled Galaxy S22 FE known as R10.

With the current development of the device, the outlet sees that summer and early fall as unlikely timeframes for the launch of the Galaxy S24 FE. Rather, it believes that the arrival could come at the end of fall, but it could be even delayed until in the early 2025.

The S23 FE's thick bezels make it look outdated.
The prominent and thick bezels around the very nice AMOLED screen makes the Galaxy S23 FE look outdated from the front. / © nextpit

To that note, it would not be surprising considering the Galaxy S23 FE was made official in October last year but only reached the other markets a few months after from the announcement.

At the same time, this contradicts to the earlier prediction of the Galaxy S24 FE being announced with Samsung’s next-gen foldable smartphones in July.

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE with a proper premium design?

As to what changes to expect from the Galaxy S24 FE, details about it are scarce. However, South Korean The Elec citing industry sources that the company will adopt thinner bezels in the handset by utilizing “rigid OLED” display panels and chip-on-film packaging method, which is possibly one of the reasons for the delay.

Furthermore, Samsung could also equip the next Fan Edition Galaxy smartphone with a more recent chipset like the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 than to stick with a dated processor. Hence, the delay may mean we’re getting beefier and notably better hardware in the Galaxy S24 FE than what the Galaxy S23 FE offered.

So, if a delay in launching the new generation of the Fan Edition in 2024 results in a better display and improved performance, I would say it’s worth waiting for, right? Finally, let’s hope it doesn’t flop like the Galaxy S23 FE did, in the opinion of my colleague Carter Drees.

How would you like to change the Galaxy S24 FE? What flagship features from the Galaxy S24 do you wish to see? Let us know in the comments.

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