Google Gemini is about to get a lot faster

Google’s Gemini works fine. Whether or not you prefer it to another AI like ChatGPT is another story. But one of the problems with Gemini is that it can sometimes take a while to generate a response. Luckily, Google seems to be working on a fix where a future version of Gemini will work a lot faster.

According to a report from PiunikaWeb, they were tipped off to this change by AssembleDebug. It turns out that Google is working on an option that will allow Gemini to show “real-time responses”. What does this mean? If you’ve used ChatGPT, you know that when you ask the AI a question, it generates a response in real-time.

This lets you see the response as it is being generated. This is versus waiting for the AI to generate a response and then return it in one huge chunk. Generating real-time responses is useful because sometimes the information you want can be found at the start. So instead of sitting around and waiting, you can get the information you want right away.

Ultimately, this should result in Gemini being a lot faster for users. The feature isn’t live yet and we’re not sure when it will be released. We’ll have to wait and see when Google decides to release the update for Gemini.

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