Google really needs to launch a new Nest Hub Max, and it might just happen

What you need to know

  • A new report uncovered references to a new Nest Hub Max smart display in an update to the Google Home app.
  • The release of the Pixel Tablet, which includes a speaker dock and has smart display functionality, was expected to doom the Nest Hub lineup’s future.
  • However, the surprising indication that Google may refresh the Nest Hub Max is a good thing because the Pixel Tablet and Nest Hub Max are products for different use cases.

There was a bittersweet feeling for fans of Google’s Nest Hub lineup when it unveiled the Google Pixel Tablet because it seemed to doom the future of the company’s dedicated smart displays. However, there are now indications that the five-year-old Nest Hub Max might finally receive a much-needed refresh. While the current Nest Hub Max is still a solid smart home controller despite being released first in 2019, there are a few things about the display that make it feel ancient.

In version 3.16 of the Google Home app, references to a new and unreleased Nest Hub Max model were uncovered in an APK teardown by the team at 9to5Google. The report says that the unknown device is clearly listed as a Nest Hub Max in code for the Google Home app, leaving little room for different interpretations. It also notes that this new device won’t be powered by Android, and will instead use the same Fuchsia OS that powers current Nest Hub displays.

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