Huawei aims to roll out HarmonyOS globally

During the Analyst Summit 2024, Huawei’s current chairman Xu Zhijun shared the company’s plans to expand globally after taking care of things on home soil. Huawei believes it can make HarmonyOS the world’s third option for a mobile operating system, despite US sanctions.

Huawei aims for global expansion with its HarmonyOS

Huawei will work closely with app developers and provide all the needed support, tools and encouragement to build a robust app ecosystem for HarmonyOS. It will first focus on the Chinese market, where research shows that 99% of users spend their time on a little more than 5,000 apps. This means the tech giant needs to focus on these 5,000 apps first and will then port them to the rest of the world.

Around 4,000 apps have already been adapted to the HarmonyOS NEXT, which is right on schedule. But it takes time and effort to bring other app developers on board. The chairman believes Huawei will be able to reach a milestone of 1 million apps in the near future.

A separate source says HarmonyOS is gaining traction on home soil real fast. In fact, Huawei’s OS will soon become the second most popular mobile system in China, surpassing iOS.


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