iPhone & Android Apps For Free? Count Me In!

TGIF! Are you looking forward to your weekend? Perhaps it is time you grace your smartphone with another selection of free apps for Android and iOS on nextpit. Do peruse our list of deals for these apps and games that normally feature a price tag but can be obtained for a limited time only until the respective developers decide to make them paid again.

We always try to discover games that do not feature financial scams or privacy traps but unlike our Top 5 Apps of the Week which is published once a week, we have not reviewed these apps individually. This means some of these apps might feature an insane number of ads and in-app purchases.

Tip: If you come across an app that you’d like to have but don’t need right now, download and install it first. It would be considered as “bought” and it will be available in your app library forever—even if you uninstall it from your smartphone right after.

Android apps and games that are free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • ID Photo & Passport ($5.99): Getting the right photo for your ID or passport can be quite tricky, let this app help you!
  • Deals Tracker Pro ($3.99): Love buying stuff over eBay? Instead of religiously looking for bargains, let the app alert you via your preset filters.
  • My Medicine Pro Health ($2.49): If you cannot remember all your medication details, use this app to keep track of them.
  • Countdown Widget ($0.99): Here’s an app that lets you keep track of countdowns easily.

Free Android games

  • Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD ($2.99): New enemies are invading your territory, and thankfully you have the technological know-how to keep them at bay! 
  • Sudoku Master Premium Offline ($2.99): Enjoy round after round of Sudoku without having to remain online.
  • Shadow Survival ($0.99): It is you against the world. How long can you last as you are swarmed by enemies from all directions? Thankfully, you have access to better weapons and abilities as you progress.
  • Mystic Guardian PV ($3.49): An isometric action RPG that rolls back the years as you explore different areas in the map while gaining power and abilities.
  • Jewels Charm ($2.99): A match-3 game to keep you occupied without the need for an Internet connection.

iOS apps that are free for a short time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Calculator Easy HD ($0.99): A one-step calculator that is so easy to use, you’d wonder why you didn’t install it before.
  • Unit Converter Pro HD ($0.99): Want to convert units easily without wracking your brain? This app gets the job done.
  • Time Note ($2.99): Record events by time in a different take on jotting down memories.
  • Monetal ($2.99): Use this app to record your expenses so you can have a better idea on where all your money has gone to.
  • Earplug ($4.99): A minimalist relaxation app for better quality sleep at night.

Free games for the iPhone and iPad

  • Allplay Games ($3.99): You get two full board games in a digital format with this title, talk about value for money. Wait, it’s free!
  • Carrier Landing ($0.99): A lovely-looking game where you attend to land your fighter aircraft on an aircraft carrier. 
  • Alice Trapped in Wonderland ($1.99): This adventure game will require you to solve different puzzles to progress.
  • Block Drop Dash ($0.99): This is a Tetris clone that is also equally addictive with Classic and Speed Run modes to choose from.
  • Legend of the Moon2: Shooting ($1.99): A fast-paced shoot ’em up that is set in space, requiring lightning-fast reflexes to survive.

Before you download one of the apps mentioned, we recommend that you check the details of the app in the Play Store or App Store. This is important because some of these free apps may have their own special features or disadvantages.

In-app purchases and advertising: Don’t be surprised!

Be careful with both free and paid apps, as they can hide in-app purchases and advertising. This is particularly significant when downloading games for children. To avoid unexpected problems, please follow the advice below:

App permissions: Read the fine print!

Some apps use clever tactics to generate revenue by collecting and sharing your personal data. To protect your personal data, it is advisable to only grant the permissions required for the app to function. For example, a simple alarm clock app does not need access to your camera or your contacts. Similarly, a flashlight app does not need to know your location.

We hope these recommendations will help you to safely enjoy free app downloads on Android and iOS devices.

What do you think of our selections to end the week? Were there any interesting apps or games on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store that you know of? Share your recommendations with us in the comments!

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