Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Solar Generator is $130 Off

Power stations and solar generators are becoming popular for their portability and efficiency than conventional gas-powered generators. And if you’re planning on buying one, most of Jackery’s power stations are on sale on Amazon including the compact Explorer 300 Plus with solar panels set that has fallen back to its second-best price at $449.

That’s a steep reduction coming from the usual listing of the solar generator at $579 which already comes with a 100-watt solar panel to keep the unit juiced up by the sun even when there is no outlet available or direct supply.

What makes the Jackery Explorer 300 Plus a recommended compact power station

The Jackery Explorer 300 Plus is not as powerful as the Explorer 1000 Pro we reviewed. But at its lightweight (8.27 lbs) and manageable size, it’s preferable for short trips in the woods or beach. Even better, it becomes recommendable at a discounted price.

The station itself carries 288 Wh LFP battery capacity, which is enough to fully charge a standard smartphone or camera more than a dozen times, or alternatively, a MacBook laptop up to thrice. It has a full-sized AC socket that can also accommodate small appliances and other electronics.

Jackery Explorer 300 Plus with solar charging
Jackery Explorer 300 Plus features fast charging via wall supply and solar charging. / © Jackery

Jackery’s Explorer 300 Plus supports fast charging as well, plus it can be refilled in various ways including via DC input from a car and solar charging in addition to wall charging. With the 100 watts solar panels that are bundled, this means you can go trekking away from a wall supply and still replenish the battery of the unit.

The deal has been running for a few days, so might want to secure the savings. Likewise, have you got a power station at home or RV? What do you think of the Jackery Explorer 300 Plus? Let us know in the comments.

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