OnePlus 13 Leaked Specs Suggest Fewer Major Upgrades

The OnePlus 12 (review) is one of the company’s flagship entries that introduced some nifty hardware changes. While the device hit the scene just a few months ago, details about its successor have started to gain momentum. A new report has shed light on alleged key specifications and a revamped design in the OnePlus 13.

Based on the “expected” key specifications shared by tipster Yogesh Brar on X (formerly Twitter), the OnePlus 13 will retain selected hardware components from its predecessor. However, the upcoming flagship phone is still believed to bring changes on the outside.

No upgrades for the camera and battery this year

It seems the OnePlus 13 will stick with the 5,400 mAh battery in its predecessor, which will be paired with 100-watt charging that can be found in older OnePlus devices. This would not be surprising as the enlarged battery capacity was only introduced in the OnePlus 12, and it is still one of the highest rated cells out there.

OnePlus Open
OnePlus Open features a triple camera module with a new 50 MP Sony stacked sensor paired with a 48 MP ultra-wide and a 64 MP periscope camera. / © nextpit

Even so, the source claims the camera modules in the OnePlus 12 will be carried over in the OnePlus 13. Hence, it should consist of a 50 MP primary Sony Lytia LYT-808 stacked sensor that is also found in the OnePlus Open (review) foldable and joined by a 64 MP periscope telephoto and a dated 48 MP ultra-wide snappers.

What fresh changes will the OnePlus 13 offer?

Among the notable upgrades is a “micro-curved” 2K display. What is it? Details about this panel are scant, but it could be a comparable display technology used in the Xiaomi 14 and one of the upcoming devices of OnePlus’ sister company Oppo.

Basically, this “micro-curved” display has curved edges in all four sides of the panel as opposed to dual curved edges in displays of most high-end smartphones.

As for the other change, Brar highlighted there will new “rear camera decor and arrangement”, which aligns with the earlier rumor that mentioned a revamped back in the OnePlus 13. This change will most likely result in ditching the off-centered camera hump introduced in OnePlus 10, but it’s still unknown how the new design will look like.

OnePlus is also staying true to tradition with the OnePlus 13 as it is expected to equip the handset with the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 SoC. Both the chip and device are set to be unveiled later this year while the global launch for OnePlus 13 could happen in early 2025.

Based on these specifications and rumored design changes, do you think the OnePlus 13 will be a great alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S25? What is your opinion in this? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

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