OnePlus’ First Flip Foldable May Better The Galaxy Z Flip 5’s Camera

The OnePlus Open (review) was lauded for its top-class build quality and flagship-grade cameras. Hence, it would not be surprising if OnePlus took advantage of the device’s popularity by launching another foldable smartphone. A new rumor seems to support this possibility but also hinted at a new flip foldable smartphone.

More flip foldable smartphones are coming from Oppo and OnePlus

In a post on China’s Weibo platform, a tipster doubled down on the idea that Oppo and Vivo have not abandoned their plans on manufacturing clamshell smartphones. This contradicts earlier rumors that described Oppo canceling its next-generation flip foldable.

Rather, it is said that OnePlus’ sister brands will continue to deliver distinguishable features with their upcoming flip foldable devices like a telephoto camera. Notably, this module is a rare feature in the numerous smaller foldable smartphones such as the Galaxy Z Flip 5 (review) and Motorola Razr Plus (review).

Oppo Find N3 Flip
Oppo’s Find N3 Flip features a triple camera with a telephoto module. / © Oppo

The leaker added that OnePlus will also launch an “iteration” of one of these devices which will not be a major surprise given how its existing devices share hardware with some of Oppo’s counterparts.

For instance, the OnePlus Open is known to be a rebranded version of Oppo’s Find N3 that first debuted in China. On that note, we could likely see the same strategy applied in the flip foldable category of OnePlus and Oppo.

How the OnePlus Flip foldable may stand out

Concerning Oppo’s upcoming Find N5 Flip, the successor to the current Find N3 Flip, details about this device remain scarce. However, we can assume that it should feature the same rear triple camera setup and a large battery capacity. The cover display might be improved and an improved screen real estate that will be on par with the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

More importantly, OnePlus’ flip foldable handset might be equipped with a Snapdragon chipset instead of a MediaTek as found in the Oppo Find N3 Flip.

Apart from the clamshell device, OnePlus is expected to debut the OnePlus Open 2 later this year. There are very little known details about the premium full-folding smartphone apart from the fact that it should run on the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC similar to Samsung’s unannounced Galaxy Z Fold 6.

What features do you wish to see in OnePlus’ first flip smartphone? Do you think it will be a better alternative to the Galaxy Z Flip? We’re eager to hear your answers.

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