Rokid AR Lite finally fixes two of the biggest problems with smart glasses

What you need to know

  • Rokid AR Lite is a new smart glasses package that includes Rokid Max 2 smart glasses and a Rokid Station 2 compute module.
  • Rokid Max 2 smart glasses weigh just 75 grams and include diopter adjustment and IPD adjustment.
  • The glasses come with a Rokid Station 2, which features a Qualcomm processor, a 5,000mAh battery, and touch controls.
  • Rokid is launching the Kickstarter program soon and will ship the glasses in Midnight Black and Dawn Silver colorways.

It’s been a long road for smart display glasses, but Rokid seems to have finally cracked the code. The company just announced Rokid AR Lite, a new product that encompasses two separate products into one sleek package: Rokid Max 2 smart display glasses and the Rokid Station 2 compute module.

Rokid Max 2 glasses include a new display that’s capable of wider FoV, creating a virtual 300-inch screen at what looks like 6 meters away. The glasses include a motion mode that keeps this screen stable even during airplane turbulence, helping to reduce motion-induced dizziness. Rokid Max 2 comes equipped with what the company called “ultra-light air nose pads” and soft, bendable temples.

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