Samsung Begins Working on 9th-Gen V-NAND Production

While most people will know Samsung from its vast selection of Galaxy smartphones and electronics, the South Korean manufacturer also invests considerable R&D into other product lines. As such, the company recently announced that it has begun mass production for its one-terabit (Tb) triple-level cell (TLC) 9th-generation vertical NAND (V-NAND).

With that in mind, Samsung says that it has improved the bit density of the 9th-generation V-NAND by about 50% compared to the 8th-generation V-NAND. This includes new improvements which cuts down on cell interference and improves cell life extension, to name a few.

The company adds that its 9th-generation V-NAND is equipped with next-generation NAND flash interface, dubbed as “Toggle 5.1.” This supports increased data input/output speeds by 33% to up to 3.2 gigabits-per-second (Gbps). Samsung also plans to expand support for PCIe 5.0. For power consumption, there’s a 10% improvement with advancements in low-power design, compared to the previous models.

Samsung states that it has begun mass production for the 1Tb TLC 9th-generation V-NAND this month, which will be followed by the quad-level cell (QLC) model in the second half of 2024.

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