Surprise Hardware at Google I/O 2024: Mysterious Smartwatch Spotted

A Wear OS wearable with full array of connectivity

As found in the FCC repository (via 9to5Google), a listing about an unnamed device identified with model number G4SKY has recently surfaced. As with other Google products, the listing suggests that the device’s launch may happen soon.

Upon further digging, the device in question has a related electronic label viewing instructions in the settings as with Google’s existing Pixel Watch 2 (review) and Pixel Watch, which indicates it runs on Wear OS.

More importantly, it was highlighted that this wearable comes in a single variant with Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE connectivity, giving weight to it for being a smartwatch rather than a set of wireless headphones or earbuds.

For what is worth, the suite of connectivity features could mean this is unlikely the Pixel Watch 3 as the upcoming flagship smartwatch is said to retain UWB instead of Bluetooth LE. Additionally, it has been known that Google refreshes its smartwatch in the fall for the past two generations. Therefore, it is safe to say this is not the 3rd gen Pixel Watch. So, what could this be?

Will there be a Google Pixel Watch 2a?

Unfortunately, there were concrete evidence that Google is working on a new smartwatch other than the Pixel Watch 3 that is said to come in two sizes. What we can build from this, is that it could be a Pixel Watch 2a or a step-down and cheaper variant to the Pixel Watch 2.

Fitbit Sense 2
Standard watch face: The Fitbit Sense 2 on Fitbit OS shows you the most important metrics at a glance. / © NextPit

Another possibility is that this may end up as one of Fitbit smartwatches but runs on a Wear OS. Google has been long rumored to ditch Fitbit OS from the Fitbit wearable after it has fully acquired the company a few years ago. Powering these smartwatches with Wear OS could let Google fully integrate its services to these devices.

Nonetheless, we don’t need to wait for too long to confirm if what wearable would be tagged alongside the Pixel 8a as Google’s I/O is just around the corner.

We want to know what’s your guess about this mysterious smartwatch? Do you think the Internet search giant is launching a Pixel Watch 2 variant?

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