The Vision Pro isn’t Selling Well as Apple had Hoped

Apple’s introduction of the Vision Pro headset several months ago was undeniably one of the more interesting trends in recent tech history. While VR and AR headsets aren’t a new kind of product or technology, Apple’s marketing slides and slickly-edited ads certainly showcased the Vision Pro as some kind of second coming, somewhat akin to the launch of the original iPhone.

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Unlike the iPhone though, the Vision Pro hasn’t achieved the same impact that Apple was hoping, at least according to new reports online. In fact, new information claims that the company has reduced its orders for Vision Pro devices, following a sharp drop in demand in the United States.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has reduced its 2024 Vision Pro shipments to 400–450k units, in comparison to the earlier market consensus of 700–800k units; The company has also cut orders before launching the Vision Pro outside the US, forcing the company to re-evaluate demand elsewhere in the world.

On one hand, given the product’s already-high asking price and lack of a wide variety of apps (not to mention issues with comfort and ergonomics), it’s not too surprising to see this. With WWDC coming up though, who knows – Apple might just have a new formula of sorts to reverse the situation, although at this moment the Vision Pro isn’t the amazing spatial computing device as marketed by Apple.

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