Ultrahuman’s Smart Rings Will be Made in the USA

Besides Oura, Ultrahuman is among the very few major brands that compete in smart ring wearable segment. Today, it has announced that it is expanding its manufacturing facility in the USA that will see the first smart rings ever produced in the country.

Made in the USA smart rings

In a press release, Ultrahuman says that it has inaugurated its new hub called UltraFactory in the state of Indiana that will bring “end-to-end production.” It added that this follows will generate 150 jobs that will be composed the majority in the commercial operation while the rest in engineering and research.

The Indian-based wearable startup also plans to start operating in its new facility within the next six months. Plus, it says that the UltraFactory will add about 200,000 of its smart rings production volume to its annual global capacity.

Presently, Ultrahuman has a lone smart ring offering which is the Ultrahuman Ring Air. However, it will likely mean that the new Stateside factory will also produce its future smart rings and other wearables such as the Ultrahuman M1 glucose monitoring device (review) in the future.

“US is an interesting market for us given it has always been huge in terms of demand for the product but we’re also seeing tremendous value from a manufacturing and research perspective. UltraFactory US would enable manufacturing for health tracking smart ring devices and give us the ability to do necessary research to evolve the form factor further,” says Ultrahuman founder and CEO Mohit Kumar.

Ultrahuman believes this new factory will support its current retail expansion in other markets. But more importantly, it seeks to reduce logistics and production costs for rings that will be sold directly in the US, which is an advantage it is seeing over its competitors such as Oura and Samsung. The latter expected to fully announce the Galaxy Ring in the few months.

Do you think the latest move for Ultrahuman will help position the company in competing against its competitors? Apart from wearables, what other products would you see from Ultrahuman? Let us hear your opinion in the comments.

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