Want to Work in Crypto? These Companies Are Hiring

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” said Mark Twain once upon a time. 

The same could be said by the cryptocurrency industry as, contrary to popular belief, the market is bouncing back yet again after an extended period of turmoil. As a result, signs point to a hiring boom in the sector and a fairly healthy future for it too. 

There are many factors that contribute to the current renewed optimism and increased interest in digital assets, just as many factors contributed to the disastrous slump it went through during 2023. 

Ultimately, it’s a highly volatile market segment and will continue to be; according to PwC’s 2024 outlook report, the market’s resilience is underscored by “a pursuit of innovation”, setting the stage for regulatory frameworks that balance risk with opportunity. 

Within the U.S., part of the sector’s bounce back is due to enhanced regulation in the area. This will enable big banks as well as the U.S. government itself to create and invest in digital currencies with less risk.

The Responsible Financial Innovation Act is a Bill that aims to create the first comprehensive regulatory framework for digital assets. Add to this the long-awaited “Bitcoin halving”, which is predicted to cause a surge in the currency’s value this week (which has already been soaring in 2024), and the credibility of the cryptocurrency landscape overall is enjoying some time in the sun.

What all this means for you is that amid all the positivity, the job’s market is moving too. As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, it’s likely that more and more companies will emerge with plans to embrace technology around digital ownership outside the currency trading space. 

Meanwhile, some of the biggest brands and companies within that space are outlining plans for significant growth. Coinbase Global, Kraken, Binance and Gemini––among the world’s largest crypto exchanges––are all in the midst of a hiring spree, with many more roles on offer downstream.

As an interesting aside, all of those companies were forced to announce layoffs during the crypto winter of 2021; as they bolster their workforces once again, all have vowed not to “over-hire” like they did before. 

Meanwhile, Blockchain Association, a non-profit representing the interests of the sector in Washington DC, reports more than 1,800 roles available within the sector, compared to around 1,000 just a year ago. Among the many tech-specific roles on offer are positions in software engineering, development, security and more: 

Blockchain Developer

Developers in blockchain create and maintain decentralized applications and smart contracts, while designing, coding and testing new blockchain solutions.

UX/UI Designer

The labyrinth of crypto wallets, exchanges, and apps out there compete for users with user-friendly, intuitive experiences designed by high-level innovators.

Security Engineer

While blockchain technology itself is secure by design, other elements of the landscape are not invulnerable to attack, and as the sector continues to grow, so too will the threats it experiences.

It’s very difficult to predict where the crypto train is headed next, but there is currently no shortage of opportunities, and it is a space that is built on innovation. If you are considering a true leap of faith, this is the time for one. 

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San Francisco’s Ripple, one of the best-known names in Crypto, is growing its team to further its objective to create greater economic fairness for people everywhere. The company is seeking a Principal Applied Scientist, whereupon you will be tasked with designing and building automated ML-based systems for forecasting, optimizing and managing access to global liquidity for Ripple customers. You will be responsible for devising and leading the company’s scientific vision and ML strategy. 

In California’s Mill Valley, Decrypt is seeking a Senior Product Designer to join its team on a primarily remote basis. The company is searching for an individual to lead the design efforts in enhancing the UX of the Decrypt and Rug Radio Platforms. As part of the Decrypt team, you will be instrumental in shaping the visual and interactive aspects of its Web3 media products, ensuring they are functional, engaging, and innovative.

Virginia-based SAIC is currently hiring a Software Developer to join the team and aid in its wide-ranging corporate objectives on the tech side. This complex role requires a wide range of skills, and comfort working across several cloud platforms, including AWS, Oracle, Google, Microsoft Azure, and IBM. There is no deadline for applications, and hires are made on an ongoing basis, so take your time with this application.

Search for a crypto job today on the nextpit Job Board. This article was written by Doug Whelan.

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