GameSir unveils its X2s Type-C mobile gaming controller for Android and iPhone 15 series smartphone

Introducing a cutting-edge, movable Type-C port to guarantee a reliable connection to gaming devices, GameSir’s latest launch promises unmatched smoothness and reliability

Tech Specs:

  • Working Platform: iPhone 15 series and Android phones
  • Compatible Models: Length between 110-168 mm / 4.3-4.6 in
  • Connection: Built-in wired Type-C to your phone
  • Hall Effect Sticks: Yes
  • Hall Effect Triggers: Yes
  • Mechanical Buttons: Yes
  • Battery: No
  • Product Size: 177.9*84.36*37.53 mm / 7*3.32*1.48 in
  • Net Weight: 171.6 g / 0.38 lbs  
  • Package Size: 114*45*219 mm / 4.49*1.78*8.62 in
  • Gross Weight: 347 g / 0.77 lbs
  • Carton Size (24pcs/carton): 475*240*242 mm / 18.70*9.44*9.53 in
  • Carton Weight (24pcs/carton): 7.1 kg / 15.65 lbs

GameSir, a leading provider of innovative, high quality gaming peripherals, is thrilled to unveil its latest product, the X2s Type-C mobile gaming controller. With Hall Effect sticks and triggers, this innovative controller ensures ultimate accuracy and precision, eliminating stick drift and extending button lifespan. Users can immerse themselves in AAA games anytime, anywhere, and indulge in a console-like gaming adventure with a seamless connection. 

Universal compatibility is at the core of the X2s Type-C, ensuring seamless integration with iPhone 15 series and Android phones. The controller’s enhanced compatibility, coupled with its adaptability to various phone sizes (ranging from 110mm to 168mm in length, with no width restrictions), makes it an ideal companion for a wide range of devices.

Cable chaos and disconnects can be totally avoided due to a cutting-edge, movable Type-C port, guaranteeing a reliable connection and unmatched smoothness, so users can simply plug into the gaming universe with unwavering confidence.

Precision and durability are the hallmarks of the X2s Type-C’s Hall Tech features. The Hall Effect sensing sticks provide 360° seamless pinpoint control, offering the precision and durability demanded by mobile gamers. Anti-friction glide rings ensure super-smooth stick control, minimizing stick grinding and extending usage time. Complementing these sticks are precision-tuned Hall Effect analog triggers, delivering unparalleled smoothness and responsiveness. For FPS and action gamers, a quick switch to Hair Trigger Mode is just a button combination away.

The GameSir X2s Type-C Mobile Controller is now available for purchase for $45.99/ £49.99/ €59.99 from Amazon UKAmazon US, Amazon Europe stores and the GameSir official website.

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