Tesla’s Model 3 Performance Makes its Debut

EV manufacturer Tesla has just announced the launch of a new addition to its automobile lineup with the new Model 3 Performance, which according to the company packs some big improvements over its predecessors. The new EV is priced starting at $52,990 and is available for pre-orders.

As such, the Model 3 Performance packs a powerful drive unit exceeding 460 horsepower which can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds, with a top speed of 163 mph. Tesla says that this won’t compromise efficiency, claiming even lower energy consumption than the previous model. The car also gets a handling overhaul with a performance chassis, new Track Mode V3 for optimal racetrack performance, and a more aerodynamic design.

Inside, new sport seats with enhanced lateral support keep passengers comfy, in addition to heating and ventilation. The Model 3 Performance also comes with staggered 20-inch wheels with summer performance tires, Tesla’s adaptive damping technology, including increased structural stiffness and improved brakes for sustained performance.

Tesla has also included a new Track Mode which integrates with the car’s systems for optimal control, and drivers will be able to customize handling balance and braking through a revamped user interface.

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